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Many organized athletics programs require a sports physical and school districts require school physicals, both at least once a year. A brief exam can assess your child’s health and determine their risk of activity-related injuries or conditions that might affect their learning abilities. First Care Bossier offers sports and school physicals to children, teens, and young adults. To make an appointment at the office in Bossier City or Stonewall, Louisiana, call the nearest today or click the online scheduling feature.

Sports Physical Q & A

What are sports and school physicals?

A sports or school physical is a routine check-up that assesses your child’s physical and neurological health. These physicals often get mentioned together, but there are differences:

Sports physical

A sports physical determines if your child is healthy enough to play sports or participate in other types of physical activity. The Louisiana High School Athletic Association requires all student-athletes to complete an annual sports physical exam before the start of a new season. 

School physical

A school physical involves your child’s provider conducting a comprehensive physical and neurological exam. They focus on several areas, including their hearing, vision, and ability to pay attention. 

If the provider determines your child can benefit from eyeglasses, hearing aids, or medication, they can refer you to a specialist or write a prescription.

What do sports and school physicals involve?

At First Care Bossier, sports and school physicals have several steps:

Review of your child’s health history

At the beginning of a sports or school physical, your child’s provider reviews their medical history, including if they take any medications, have underlying health conditions, allergies, or have a family history of certain illnesses. If your child is too shy to answer these questions, you can speak to their provider for them. 

Comprehensive physical exam

Your child’s provider does a physical exam. They look at your child’s skin for any unusual growths, look at their eyes, ears, nose, and throat, gently palpate their organs, and ask about any abnormal symptoms. They also take their vitals, like blood pressure, and record their height and weight.

Neurological exam

Lastly, your child’s provider does a neurological exam. That involves a test of their reflexes, motor function, and balance, as well as a test of their coordination. 

Depending on your child’s health history, their provider might also order laboratory testing or update their immunizations.

Why are school and sports physicals important?

School and sports physicals are important because they can alert you to potentially serious health problems that might interfere with your child’s quality of life. 

What’s more, they present an opportunity to educate your child on the importance of good nutrition, regular exercise, and healthy living.

If your child needs a school or sports physical, make an appointment at First Care Bossier by calling the nearest office or clicking the online booking feature.

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