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About 18 million people in the United States seek medical help for the flu each year and millions more fight flu symptoms on their own. Bossier Family Medicine, LLC, provides on-site flu testing at their offices in Bossier City and Stonewall, Louisiana. The experienced family physicians also design a treatment plan to help you feel better fast and reduce your risk for serious flu complications. You can also receive your seasonal flu shot in-office. To schedule a flu shot or diagnostic testing, call the Bossier Family Medicine, LLC, office nearest you or book a consultation online today.

Flu Q & A

What is the flu?

Influenza (flu) is a contagious respiratory virus that can cause mild to severe illness. The virus can also be life-threatening to young children, the elderly, and those immunocompromised.

Symptoms of flu typically start suddenly and might include:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle aches
  • Runny nose or nasal congestion

Flu symptoms vary from person to person. You can have one or all symptoms of flu, which typically last for 7-10 days. However, it can take longer for you to feel better and regain your energy.

If your symptoms become unmanageable with home care, you can schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Bossier Family Medicine, LLC.

How is the flu diagnosed?

Generally, flu viruses spread during the colder months; however, it's also possible that your symptoms relate to a different type of respiratory virus.

To determine if you have the flu or another type of respiratory infection, the physicians at Bossier Family Medicine, LLC, offer on-site rapid flu tests. This test involves a quick swab of your throat or the inside of your nose. It detects antigens of the virus in your body within 15 minutes.

How is the flu treated?

Flu is a viral infection, so antibiotics won’t help you feel better. The Bossier Family Medicine, LLC, providers may prescribe antiviral medications to shorten the time you’re sick and lessen the severity of your symptoms.

You should spend time resting, drinking plenty of fluids, and taking over-the-counter medications if your physician suggests them. It’s also important that you stay home from work and away from other people to prevent the spread of the flu to others.

If you’re at risk for serious flu complications because of your age or existing medical history, the physicians can customize a treatment plan to keep you hydrated and out of the hospital.

The best way to protect yourself from flu symptoms and serious complications is to get the seasonal flu shot available at Bossier Family Medicine, LLC.

If you need help managing flu symptoms, schedule a consultation at Bossier Family Medicine, LLC, by calling the office nearest you or booking an appointment online today.

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